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This performance was originally inspired by a poem written by Suzie, called I Count When She Walks, about one person’s reflections on another person’s path through life. The poem was constructed in two parts that took two different directions, and this gave us the idea to work with duality as a theme.


The contrasts between two concepts or aspects of something motivated us to play with the duality of freedom and constraint, light and darkness, something that is travelling and something that is stuck. The juxtaposition of the slow-moving aspects of human desire with the persistent world around us creates a physical and moral dualism. On stage we are a male and female experiencing the duality between the visible and invisible, and live action and video.


We live in a time where the distinction between public and private is being inverted by the cluttered social media landscapes that litter our lives. We became interested in peep show aesthetics, and how filmed bodies on-screen lay bare private attributes in a self-conscious but exhibitionist manner. For a section of the performance we have therefore create a personalised viewing mechanism for the audience. Who is observing and who is being observed? How do we choose to interpret the details that are revealed, and what do we imagine happens during those moments that remain concealed?

Link to Suzie's poem
I Count When She Walks

Performance Dates

Premiere Thurs. 23 March 2017
28,29,30,31 March 
1st April


approx.1 hour

Cash, card, Vipps in the door
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Suzie Davies
Mattias Ekholm

Suzie Davies
Mattias Ekholm

Music/Sound Design
Morten Pettersen

Tobias Leira

DEED/Tobias Leira

Video / Photography
Elin Osjord
Mattias Ekholm


Production manager
Cathe Sjøblom

Supported by

Norsk Kulturråd
(The Arts Council Norway)

Fond For Lyd og Bilde
(The Fund For Sound and Image)

Fond For Utøvende Kunstnere
(The Fund For Performing Artists)

DEED at work