Bent Out Of Shape

Deed_web_calendericon 11 April 2018 Deed_web_pinicon Multiplié Dansefestival, Trondheim

In 'Bent Out Of Shape' Mattias and Suzie reflect on the emotional and physical states linked to an altered set of circumstances, using their own experiences of learning to live with something painful and sad. How a persons life can be turned upside down and stripped of the things they know and love, and how our characteristics as human beings can help us to adapt to these violent changes. Using personal text, dance, and a touch of humour, this is a performance that takes on many shapes.

Performance Venues/Dates/Times

Premiere Wed.11th April 2018
Multiplié dansefestival
Olavshallen Lille Sal, Trondheim
13.00 and 19.30

Bærum Kulturhus, Underhuset
Fri. 27th and Sat. 28th April
19.00 and 18.00


Mattias Ekholm
Suzie Davies

Suzie Davies
Mattias Ekholm

Suzie Davies

Light Design
Elisabeth Kjeldahl Nilsson
Ida Andersson/Carlos Valente

Composer / Sound Design
Morten Pettersen

Elisabeth Kjeldahl Nilsson/DEED

Gry Ulfeng


Production manager
Cathe Sjøblom


DansiT – Dansekunst i 
Trondheim og Midt-Norge

Bærum Kulturhus
Regionalt kompetansesenter
for dans

Supported by

Norsk Kulturråd
(The Arts Council Norway)

Fond For Lyd og Bilde
(The Fund For Sound and Image)

Fond For Utøvende Kunstnere
(The Fund For Performing Artists)

Fritt Ord


Photos and Teaser by Elin Osjord